Sunday, August 24, 2014

Coffee Roasting

One of the recent loves in my life is for Coffee.. I have a good friend who buys green coffee beans and introduced me to the idea of roasting my own coffee in a popcorn popper. After returning home from School where I finally have access to time, popcorn popper and coffee grinder, I purchased some un-roasted beans and roasted them myself. I bought the green beans from Mr. Green Beans. They arrived at my door in only a few days.. I roasted them for 5 min 30 seconds, but upon drinking it I realized that is too long for the amount of beans I roasted. (Probably the darkest coffee I have yet to drink... haha) Anyways, I have enjoyed roasting my own coffee, and I hope to get this coffee roasting business down pat!!!

Did I save any money??? probably not,  I bought the beans for about 5 dollars a pound, and it cost around 5 dollars to ship them. I may be able to pick up some Folgers coffee cheaper,  but I have a unique fresh coffee that can be custom roasted to fit my desires..I think that's a win.....
Bag of beans delivered in the mail

The coffee bean roaster

Fresh dark coffee beans

Fresh (burnt) Coffee

First Cup of roasted coffee with the parents....

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  1. You are such your Dad's boy!!! Love this new hobby of yours, though I never liked the taste of straight up coffee. However, my favorite ice cream is Jamoca Almond Fudge... must be the chocolate and sugar : ) Keep blogging.... I love this!